An aesthetic-looking landing page for a future alcohol delivery app.

In Egypt it's extremely hard to buy alcohol. It's the same in every Islamic country. But in Egypt there are cities like Hurghada, Sharm-el-Sekh or Marsa-Alam, where around half of the population is from some foreign country, so they have a need for alcohol. This application is here to solve it, as a solely alcohol delivery application.

The landing page doesn't have Arabic language option, despite they speak Arabic in Egypt. The reason being is that the application is targeting the foreign population, mainly Russians and Germans, hence the landing page has these language options.

The main purpose of this is, is to find out whether there would be an interest in the targeted areas for such a service, or not. They're targeting their audience by location and ethnicity. Then those leads will land on the landing page, and are asked to click on the support button - which indicates an around number of visitors that might be interested in using this service - or to contact them to become a seller at the app.

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