Smart Ring Store

Smart Ring Store is an eCommerce store that is selling premium category smart rings for NA and EU customers.

Smart Ring Store is an eCommerce store, selling on the NA and EU market premium category smart rings.

The biggest challenge of this store was answering a quite obvious question: What the hell is a smart ring, right?

So, with this website we had to take a bit of an avantgarde path, which is kind of in between the traditional webshop and the blog websites. A blog explains what things are, and a webshop is trying to sell something.

We had a relatively long journey so far optimizing the content for customers to achieve more purchases. We were mostly relying on Hotjar video recordings, which basically is recording the screen of the visitors, so we can examine how they behave on the site. Also. we were analyzing a lot of Hotjar heatmaps to have a better understanding in a bigger scale too.

The website's payment gateway is Stripe, which is one of the most well-known and trusted providers in the market at the moment.

Despite the already mentioned Hotjar we've done the basic implementations like Google Analytics and Pixel.

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