August 16, 2022
Mate Karolyi

15 Best Musician Websites in 2022

Get inspired by musicians who have successfully designed websites. This listing is for solo artists or band members seeking to develop a musician's website to promote themselves, gain followers, sell merchandise, or looking to build their own online music archive.

Get inspired by some sleek and sophisticated musician website design that will make it easy for you to prepare your website to appeal to your target audience. Save a lot of money on expensive design initiatives and time spent waiting for inspiration by browsing through this list.

15. Magik Magik

Magik Magik - Simple Website For A Simple Musician

A super simple website for a simple musician.

The site has only the basics. Some videos to listen to songs, Spotify playlists, SoundCloud songs and some photos.

There's a clear call-to-action button at the top that makes it easy to purchase Minna Choi's music.

14. Joshua Espinoza

Joshua Espinoza - Pianist Musician Website

Espinoza's website opens with a photo of the pianist against a yellowish background. Photos are professionally taken for best lighting. Right below is a playable video from YouTube and a CTA to watch the latest videos and subscribe to YouTube.

There are links to Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and Amazon to listen to or purchase the disk at bargain. Just below, you'll find an option to follow tour updates, check out upcoming performances, and even view past performance locations and times.

13. Dennis Fuller

Dennis Fuller - Website For Music Composer, Producer And Studio Musican

Dennis' website looks full, just like his name. We don't mean mess. Just very dense information in an easy to understand and impressive way. On this musician website we are introduced to Dennis, his work and talents. The color palette is perfect, consistent across the entire site and even matches his outfit. All of the companies he has worked for are featured, not only in videos you can easily watch, but also with their highly recognizable logos. After that, we were shown some authentic photos of the composer in various concert halls, performing. It is both warm and instructive.

12. Sander Alex

Sander Alex - A Website For A Guitarist Music Teacher

This musician site is a rare one-pager that manages to fit everything on this one page without making it cluttered. We are introduced to the musician in a well-shot, well-lit photograph, with his name in large bold just below.

It also comes with standard fare in the form of social media, music platforms, and Patreon buttons. You can also buy his music and easily pay with PayPal, Visa, MasterCard or American Express, making it more than just a place to find music.

11. Claire Soulier

Claire Soulier - Personal Website Of A Great Musician

Claire Soulier makes the bold choice of using a background that simulates grainy old televisions trying to find a signal, but with finer particles. You might think that would be confusing or counterproductive, but it actually works and fits the main mood of the site.

From this page you can watch intro videos, play music on the page, view albums, check performance dates and access pages like play, music, see me live, all messages and contacts. At the bottom are the social media and music platform buttons.


MØ - Simple And Modern Musician Webpage

Simple websites, like Olly Murs's, as they appear to have been created by Sony Music Entertainment UK. Where Murs takes a simple approach, MØ opts for smooth, fluid transitions, as we're taken from the musician's main image on the homepage to her appearance, schedule and more. so again.

The sleek transitions don't even reveal the fact that you're scrolling up and down. In a few scrolls, everything is served to the visitor, with links to newsletters, videos, music and shops.

9. Batzorig Vaanchig

Batzorig Vaanchig - Mongol Muscian Website

This musician's website is an example of the importance of being exposed to an artist. As a unique artist practicing art specialized and based on a particular culture in a faraway country, Vaanchig's website is the window to our world.

It's well laid out, with social media buttons, Patreon links, and a contact me CTA at the top. There are also photos of the artist in stunning costumes, with dramatic use of color and a historical timeline that captures his journey in an interesting way.

8. Gentil Musician Website

Gentil Musician Website

Gentil likes to move forward, using photos of himself in various poses to describe his happiness, passion, and enthusiasm for his work. The site presents everything from audio files to video files without sacrificing consistency.

The font may look a bit flimsy at first, but it's perfectly legible. The site's background is undamaged, with watermark photos of the musician posing with a big smile. This is a friendly website that allows visitors to get acquainted with Gentil and enjoy his music on the spot.

7. Olly Murs

Olly Murs - Example Of Simple Website For A Musician

Olly Murs' website is simple yet functional with access to the newsletter, official store, social media links, music platform links and a huge photo of the singer. The color scheme chosen seems intentional and is intended to contrast with the clothing, font colors, and different colored parts of the site.

Tour dates are available on this musician's website template and an option to sign up for a newsletter to keep the public informed. It's a concise way to not only showcase but market the artist.

6. Kenji Edo

Kenji Edo - Website Of A Great DJ Musician

By choosing a dark background for their website, Endo uses black and white contrast to emphasize the message, album cover, text, and more. Hard to miss anything on the site with the choice of colors.

There are also links to SoundCloud, other music sites, and social media. The menu is not your typical three lines but a cube surrounded by nine sections. Each of these sections leads to a different page, including the About and News pages.

5. Rémi Jousselme

Rémi Jousselme - Website For a Guitarist Musician

Jousselme is a classical and contemporary guitarist with a website that takes a unique approach. Images turn into a sort of shutter when hovered over, a feature used to make website backgrounds more interesting.

At the top of this musician's sample website is a sticky yet subtle banner that directs listeners to the guitarist's Facebook, SoundCloud, and YouTube accounts. Then we get a short bio and then other photos. At the bottom, the same account links are included, along with press and contact set links.

4. Im Really A T-Rex

Im Really A T-Rex - Musician Personal Website

This musician website example will open with an image of the artist in question. The choice to go naked seems to be on the brand, as it works well with the overall tone of the rest of the site, including the typography and dark colors.

Below the brief intro is a clickable banner with a dinosaur skull and a 'New Drop! Listen! Customizable sliders, as well as many website elements.

3. Sivert Høyem

Sivert Høyem - Personal Musician Website Example

Høyem has a distinct style to himself and his music, something that is quite evident when looking at his website. It opens with a rather impulsive photo of the man, cut abruptly in the middle of the torso, to make room for links to all the platforms where his music can be found.

You can then view his albums, correctly labeled with their name, release year, and thumbnail. He has links with Bandsintown and Songkick to make sure fans are informed when he's there. A great example of what a musician's website should include.

2. Benjamin Righetti

Benjamin Righetti - Website Of A Swiss Style Musician

The entire design of this musician's website is based on the Swiss style, which means Helvetica and the discipline of graphic development.

The script moves dynamically for readability, the letters seem to dance to the rhythm of the scroll, sometimes vertically, sometimes horizontally. Right from the start of the experience, with the initial scrolling triggering Benjamin's image expansion, unexpected features interrupt the journey and keep the user's attention.

In addition, the musician website design makes good use of components, content and animation to make the website more interesting.

1. Otaam

Otaam - A Beautiful Example Of A Great Musican Website

First on our list of great examples of musician websites is Ottam. This site opens with a picture of the DJ in the background, on his stage, with creative lighting and equipment. Professional images combine with a dark, slightly sharp aesthetic to evoke images of club interiors.

The main name is insured to draw attention to itself and create a natural progression for the rest of the site.

From here, one can get information about live performance schedules, touring schedules, social media buttons and playable SoundCloud media for sampling Otaam's music.

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