September 27, 2022
Mate Karolyi

Top 30 Music Band Websites

Most band or musician sites have a few things in common. Of course, they will often include featured photos of the artist or group. These will likely include biographies, tour dates, stores to buy or download music, often song clips, and possibly a blog. Most band websites use large photos, full screen backgrounds, video backgrounds, and other elements, like colors, that have a strong visual impact on visitors. However, there are some that are a bit more subtle and clean in design style.

The TOP 30 list

Take a look at the sites featured here and you'll see a lot of different styles and approaches. We have also tried to give examples of different genres.

30. Gatsby

Gatsby is a party band from London, but their website is on par with global artists. Their website is a bit different from many other musicians because the main purpose of the site is to encourage visitors to book a band for a wedding or event.

29. Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters homepage uses a full screen background video. There's no additional content on the homepage, but all the details you'd expect can be found via the navigation menu.

28. Kid Rock

Kid Rock uses a large slider. Below the fold you'll find information like tour dates and news headlines. The site also includes a musician eCommerce store and lots of music and videos of the band.

27. Tina Guo

Tina Guo's website uses a full-screen slider to scroll through several different photos. The layout of this musician's website is quite simple, but effective. The imagery on the website is stunning, just like we can expect from a top-notch musician.

26. The Kills

The Kills website features collage-style wallpapers with various photos. They have their webshop, where we can purchase the band's merch.

25. The Decemberists

One of the most unique sites on this list belongs to The Decembeists. It has hand-drawn art elements and a lot of color. It's not just the area above the fold. It is a very colorful transparent website. On this music band's site every page has been designed uniquely with a lot of time and creativity investment.

24. Sierra Hull

Sierra Hull has a colorful website. There is a full screen photo in the first screen of the house and then darker colors show up as you scroll down. There is a good amount of content on the site to showcase her work as a musician.

23. Francesca Battistelli

Francesca Battistelli's page has a large photo above the fold. Digging down the homepage, you'll find links to listen to her latest album, as well as a great YouTube video embedded. The homepage also includes recent posts from Instagram. One thing I do not really like on this musician's website is the hamburger menu on desktop viewport size. Since she doesn't really have much content on her site like Metallica does, it doesn't make sense to use it here. The color of the hamburger menu is also somewhat off from the social media icons, which is the CTA color on this hero section.

22. The Killers

The home page of killers includes a slider that takes up the entire area above the fold. Tour dates will show up as soon as you scroll down. This is a great example for a good music band website. It's simple yet has the necessary parts like music, videos, tour dates and a webshop to sell merch. One thing that could have been added is a blog, to help the band with some SEO like Metallica does it.

21. Leeland

Leeland's homepage includes a large background image, as well as a video thumbnail. If you click on the thumbnail, the full screen video will open and play. The navigation is clear and simple, which helps make the site very user-friendly.

20. The Weeknd

The star of the Super Bowl tournament show has a great website with a clean design. It's monochrome above the fold, but if you scroll down, you'll see some colorful photos and videos.

19. The Specials

The Specials 40th Anniversary website is a great example. It is quite simple but very well designed and user friendly. The hamburger icon at the top left opens a navigation menu that leads to all the important sections of the site.

18. Zac Brown Band

Zac Brown Band uses color and texture throughout the site. The homepage has a large slider above the fold. The header includes an email signup form along with social media icons.

17. Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley's page has a full screen background image. This is a very image rich design with lots of photos as you scroll. Tour dates are listed just below the fold, followed by the title.

16. Lauren Conklin

Violinist Lauren Conklin uses a simple and effective web layout and design. The site here is built using Wix, and it's a layout that could work well for any band or musician. However, the downside of using Wix or Squarespace for building websites for musicians is clearly visible here, since the website loads really slowly. If that wouldn't be the case - especially on mobile devices - this musician's website could have made it to the TOP 10 on our list. The homepage has very little content, just a large photo, but the navigation menu makes it easy to find the information you are looking for.

15. Elton John

The home page of Elton John's website includes a large slider above the fold. The design of the site is very clean. There are some great photos featured throughout the site, along with scrolling and animation effects.

14. Nine Inch Nails

The Nine Inch Nails website is very unusual for a group site. When you first land on the homepage, it looks more like a regular business website. The design is very clean, with a predominantly black and white color scheme.

13. Mary Sender

Mary Sender's website is also very clean and mostly black and white. The site also has links to music lessons from Mary that you can purchase. It's a great idea for other bands and musicians looking to monetize their website. The only issue with it is that it's poorly executed. We cannot see a clear call-to-action on the hero, only that donate button at the bottom, which honestly most people won't even try to click since it's looking like a Google Ad or some kind of scam link. This musician's website could have made to our TOP 10 if that button were to be a good one.

12. Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam has been around for 30 years and has a lot more content on their website than you'll find with most bands. News headlines are visible from the home page as well as the navigation menu. They also have audio and video, tour info, band bios, forums, premium clubs, and more.

11. TobyMac

TobyMac's website is another with a clean design. It includes all the necessary information you would expect to find. An interesting addition to the main navigation menu is a link to some of the causes it supports.

10. Adele

The teal blue background of this singer's website is regal, paired with subtle gold and gold fonts. The design complemented the artist's style and sophistication, and created his latest release, an album titled 30, a show.

9. Remi Jousselme

Guitarist Remi Jousselme has an outstanding website. It has a navigation menu running along the left side of the screen. The accent color changes as you scroll, which is a unique touch.

8. Sevendust

Sevendust's homepage features a full-screen wallpaper and a hamburger icon that opens the navigation menu. The hero doesn't rely on any type of catchy phrases, it's just simply the band's logo, with a great picture, however this way we instantly get an idea of how that would be to be there at a concert, since the image highlights it, and the logo is so well designed, that we get into the mood, despite knowing what kind of music they are playing.

7. Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney's site uses a full screen background video on the homepage. The video is great, gives the feeling of a party - like if we were to be there and would film this entire take what we see here.

However, have you noticed something with the video?

If you open it up on a full HD device, or on an even bigger one, you can clearly see that the video has a really poor quality. The idea behind it is fascinating! It's not a bad quality video that a musician put on her website, it's an artistic choice. We get the feeling of being at the party. We made this video with our phones, right? Or we can go to one of their concerts and we'll probably take the same footages/memories that this hero is suggesting us we will.

6. The Fray

The Fray website has a large background image above the fold. Scroll down and you can listen to their best hits, see all the albums, and learn about upcoming events. The imagery of this music band's website is stunning. Feels like the shoot the pictures directly for their website. The design of the site is very clean overall, with a lot of "white-space".

5. Khalid

Moving the text in the header and footer of the page draws attention, drawing site visitors to discover the musical singer's two most recent productions. You can also easily view music videos, tracks and tour dates, and subscribe to mailing lists. A peaceful color palette is the glue that helps hold all the elements of a website together.

4. Ariana Grande

Soft, pastel colors add an elegant look to the relevant website. At the same time, the calmness of the website design somewhat reduces the noise, glitz and eloquence of the message that Grande's music conveys. The musician's website is simple yet catchy. We have the options to shop in the webshop some merch and tickets.

3. Metallica

Metallica has a huge amount of content on their website, which is understandable for a band that's been around for almost 40 years. However, it's very respectable. The amount of content they have has a great SEO score, which means that despite they have a very much well-established brand they understand the potential of SEO in for music band websites. To put it simply: it generates them huge chunks of money with almost zero effort.

The navigation menu is collapsed but opens up many options when clicked. Usually, we do not advise the use of a hamburger menu on a desktop viewport, but here it's understandable, since their website is so huge like only a pack of other musicians have a music band website this size.

2. Taylor Swift

Creating a music album that celebrates a color can be a good tool to further build your brand identity. Ideas are also not without creativity. Choosing a color and building a marketing strategy around it is a far-fetched concept. Taylor Swift's website is proof of all of these claims.

I'm especially the fan of the subtle hero video. It's a video and an image. It is a video technically, but feels like we are seeing an image, that has that fire on the lighter which somehow moves. The hero image alone is so artistic that we instantly get the feeling that we are seeing a musician's website, the website of a real artist.

1. Avatar

Avatar is a Scandinavian metal band. They brand and music is around a fictional "Avatar Country". They have songs that praise the fictional king of Avatar Country, songs about raising a statue, songs about its people, etc.

They metal style is a one-of-a-kind one. Its genre is classified as freak metal. Well, if we take a look at the home page, we'll instantly get the feeling what they'd like to spread/show us.

The links in the navigation are external links, meaning that we do not stay on this website when we click on them, instead a new website will open. This is a great technique in corporate web design, rare to see in the music industry. But when you take a look at Avatar Country you'll see why this is necessary. Like, it's massive man! It's like being in a browser game, which is marvelously aligned with the message of the band. They mean no harm to no one, they just want to create a country - Avatar - which is a place they form with their music, and their website is the same, you'll jump into a different world. This idea is so unique, so much thought went into it, that we couldn't give it a worse rating than the number one place. This band is so underrated though... Make sure to check them out!

Final notes

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