Fast and secure webshops for music stores, bands, and music schools

We create smart, fast, and scalable eCommerce solutions with unique designs to increase sales, drive conversions and boost your music business

We have the best eCommerce solutions for the music industry

We at TRAVLRD, understand the importance and challenges of a great eCommerce store in the music industry and create the best webshops for your music shop, band merch store, or music school

  • Custom eCommerce design

    We create easy-to-navigate interfaces and lightning fast-loading webshops to enhance the user experience of your visitors. We create intuitive websites that will speed up your sales.

  • Our webshops are scalable

    Your eCommerce business doesn't just serve one location. You can scale seamlessly with our webshop development services and virtually any third-party integration.

  • Custom solutions, tailored for you

    We understand that every business is unique. We are experts in creating solutions that fit your business' day-to-day operations and goals.

  • Webshop strategy consultation

    Not sure how to get your business online? You have no idea how will it benefit you in the music industry? We can help you establish your strategy by running the numbers for you to see if it would turn out as a good investment.

The cost of an eCommerce store

Get the best development services you need from our friendly and professional team. Send us your project details and we will get back to you within a day.
In case you need a webshop for your music store/school you won't find a better team for the task than us!

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Questions you may have

What payment providers can you integrate?

Our general advice is to have Stripe or Zen. Other than that, we can integrate any payment gateway to your site.

What is your go-to eCommerce provider?

We use Webflow to create awesome looking, secure, and lightning fast webshops that are having unique designs so you can shine through the competition.

Will you help me running my webshop?

Yes, we offer webshop operation as a service and marketing, which includes SEO and online marketing. If you choose us, you'll be in the right hands.

How much does a webshop development cost?

The usual answer is true: it depends. Generally speaking, starting from 1000$ for the bare minimum and going up to around 20 000$ or even more in case of a real big project. Reach out to us directly if you are interested in the cost of your own webshop development.

What is the difference between an eCommerce store and a webshop?

Nothing, just two different names for the same thing.

Who do you advise to have a webshop in the music industry?

The term webshop or eCommerce means that there is money moving in an online environment. So, any kind of website that has a payment option can be considered as a webshop. Now, we advise everyone to have payment on their site, since it is a good investment. Music teachers and music schools can sell passes for classes, bands can sell merch and tickets, music stores can sell everything they have in their shop.

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