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We are the only web development company that is specialized in building custom designed websites for the music industry. You can find template ninjas everywhere, but for a real professional service you need us

Stand out from the crowd with the help of our unique websites

If you are really determined to create a successful business in the music industry, then at a certain point you will need a website. It gives you creditability and attracts more customers, regardless of you are a musician, band, music store, music teacher, or a music school.

  • Custom design

    We are not like most other so called website developers, who are basically just buying a template and then rewriting the content of that. We create unique solutions tailored to your brand, that serves your particular business' needs the best way possible.

  • Responsive development

    In 2022 we have to make sure that your website has the same quality experience in different devices, from mobile to full HD - or even up to 4K. We'd never develop a website that is not looking great on each device.

  • SEO optimized content

    When we are developing your website, we are browsing through your content, and doing a - in our wording basic - SEO optimization, which in other places would cost you a lot of additional money. Here we are doing this for you as part of the development service. We are optimizing for 10 keywords the meta/og content, the alt tags and the visible website content.

  • Premium quality project management

    It's easy to disappear in the online world. We are NOT doing this. We'll update you each business day at least once about the state of your project. Even if something came in and we couldn't advance as we planned. We believe that good communication is the key for a healthy and satisfied business relationship.

Premium quality service at a reasonable price

We are confident enough to say that if you are in the music industry, then you'll hardly find a better service than ours. We can easily say that our services are premium quality, and we want all of our customers to be satisfied with our work, whatever it will take for us.
Still, our prices are far from sky-high. For a reasonable amount of money, you'll receive a service, that you wouldn't get anywhere else.

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Questions you may have

Do you make custom designs?

Yes, we create almost all of our websites starting from scratch - no template involved. Although we are able to use templates (obviously), however we prefer to give you unique solutions that are much more premium than most of the other websites you can find on the internet. Just look at our site for an example. This is how a custom design looks like, and it do helps us stand out, even in the web development industry where every participant supposed to have a great website, but around 80% of them are having crappy ones - this tells the story, isn't it?

Why is it good for me that you are specialized in the music industy?

It benefits both of us. We love creating websites, and love playing music. We know the benefits of playing an instrument, having done that ourselves for years. We are motivated to create websites, but if we can create them for a purpose that we believe in just as much as you do, then we are even more enthusiastic about working on your project. Probably, no other web development company can tell the same.
On the business side of things, since we are specialized in creating websites for musicians, we understand the industry, know it's needs, dos and don'ts. We are also knowledgeable in your field, so you don't have to explain every detail for us, like what and why your website is doing a certain activity, because there is a good chance that we know about it already.

Will you help me running my website?

Yes, we offer website operation as a service and marketing, which includes SEO and online marketing. If you choose us, you'll be held in the right hands.

How does the development process looks like?

First, we need a design. It's either we design it, since we are offering web design as a service, or you already have a design from somewhere else and you need it to be developed, or you choose to go forward with some kind of a template. At the end, you have a design, that we can develop for the web.
We'll give you daily updates during the website development process - at least one email each business day - so you can have a clear image where we are at the process, and you can be as involved in the making of your website as you'd wish to.
After we finish your website, we hand it over to you, which you can choose to operate with us, or you can host it by yourself - it's really your call.

Who do you advise to have a website in the music industry?

If you are looking to have a professional appearance you definitely need a website. Nowadays, it's like a status symbol, same as having a car. If you don't have one you are probably not a serious business. Also, if you are doing some online marketing, a website is a great idea also in this case. Lastly, if you are looking to invest in your website a greater amount of money and especially time, you can have a great SEO with your site and can rank on the first page of Google in your city/area.

Will the site look cool on mobile and tablet too?

Sure, it will! 68% of websites visits are from a mobile device, why wouldn't we optimize it for that? The tools we are using to develop your website (mainly Webflow) are allowing us to easily develop responsive websites, that look great from mobile to full HD (or even at 4K).

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