We design a face for your brand, that people will love

The best-planned business strategy won't work without quality, high-impact graphic design. Good design is the key to a successful marketing strategy.

Our graphic design services

We offer all the graphic design services that a business in the music industry could wish for.

Logo design

We'll not only create a logo that can suit your brand for decades, but also give you a brand book as part of your logo design, which will explain the concept behind the logo and guide you on the future use cases.

Business card design

Every professional music business needs a great looking business card. Your card will look professional, you will proudly distribute it to your future clients.

Banner design

We can design banners, posters, and signage for your business that will resonate with you.

Social media and other digital marketing ad design

In order to boost your music business, you have to advertise it. We'll create your social brand identity that can separate you from the others and gain recognition among potential clients.

Brand identity design

Your brand has to have something that people can recognize. Establish the unique face of your music brand should ideally be the first step you take when starting out.
But don't you worry. Even if it wasn't the first thing you did, we still can assist you.

Questions you may have

How many logo versions will you create for me?

We'll give you 3 different visuals that you can choose from. In case we did not get the right idea, we'll create you as many versions as it takes to make you satisfied with our work.

How do you design the graphic elements?

We design everything in Adobe Illustrator. So, everything that we create for you is vector graphics, which means that it can be used on everything since it is scalable - can be a small logo on a website, or a huge logo on a billboard.

Do you have an idea? Let’s talk about it.

team meeting
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