We help you operate your website and webshop with professionalism

Trust us with your website's or eCommerce store's operation and you won't have to bang your head to the wall for having it. Instead, you can lay back and focus on serving your customers, while having a solid foundation under your feet.

We offer the following website operation services

Our hosting services are using the highest quality servers available for the highest security and the least amount of downtime.

  • Domain and email

    We will help you to get your domain secured and set up. You can also have a custom email address that looks professional and very easy to use.

  • Hosting

    We offer premium quality hosting on a reasonable price. We host our websites and webshops on either Cloudflare or on AWS. These are arguably the best and most secure hosting providers in the entire world.

  • Support

    We are available on business days and will answer to all of your questions within 24 hours - that's guaranteed and free in case you choose to host your site with us that we developed for you.

Get lifetime hosting

We offer lifetime hosting for non-eCommerce websites. Get your lifetime hosting for 180$ (content syncing from the CMS once in every 24h) or for 450$ (content syncing from the CMS once in every hour).

Questions you may have

How much does non-eCommerce hosting cost?

We are speaking about monthly, yearly, or lifetime fees. These packages offer 24h, 1h, and instant refresh from the CMS. The CMS is the place where you will edit the content of your site, and the refresh time is the time it will take for your content to be synced from the CMS. With these in mind our hosting prices are starting from as low as 6$/month or 60$/year up to 36$/month or 300$/year.

How much does eCommerce hosting cost?

Depends on how many products you have. We can host webshops up to 3000 products. The prices are low for 1-2 products webshops, from 8$/month or 80$/year, depending on the CMS refresh time it can be higher. for 3-500 products 46$/month or 390$/year, 501-1000 products 90$/month or 940$/year, for 1001-3000 products it's 250$/month or 2600$/year.

How much does a domain cost?

A .com domain costs around 15$/year. However, this domain should not be a premium one, because in that case it can be tens of thousands per year.

How much does business emails cost?

Also depends on a lot a factors, like the number of addresses, the storage, etc. But generally, it has a one-time configuration fee, which is either 25$ or 49$, and it has a monthly fee which can be 0$ per address up to 3,60$ per address.

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