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What we offer

SEO is quite a broad term. We offer you both on-site and off-site services to help your business outsmart the competition. A good SEO is one of the biggest advantages you can have as part of your marketing strategy in the music industry - most just don't know it's importance yet.

  • Tech. and meta optimization

    We can optimize the content of the non-visible parts of your website, like image alt tags and meta data. These are just as important as any written content on your site.

  • Content optimization

    Is your content aligned with your niche? We'll make sure that your content follows the perfect strategy. As part of this we'll perform you a Keyword Research, so we all can get a clear picture on your possibilities.

  • Backlink building

    We can help you get real quality backlinks for your site, that are 100% real and aligned with Google's Terms of Services. The more backlinks you have, the more trustworthy is your content - according to Google.

  • Competitor analysis

    We'll perform a detailed analysis of your competition's SEO strategies, so you can either beat them in their own field or you can take a different path so you both can have enough customers from Google. Either way, we'll make sure that we both understand your field's SEO specialties.

Would you like to improve your ROI?

Have more organic traffic coming to your website. Ask for our help and we will give it our best shot to get your music business ahead of your competition.

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Questions you may have

What are the metrics should I use to evaluate the success of your SEO service?

It's important that the key metrics (KPIs) your agency uses to measure success align with your business goals. Methodology is also important. Does your agency use proprietary reporting software or a tool that you control? Google warns you to be careful with SEO agencies that guarantee you rankings (learn more about Google's guidelines). So, if it's not about specific keyword rankings, what are good KPIs for SEO campaigns? We use your Google Analytics to measure organic search traffic. We look at visits, as well as conversions from organic search.

Which one is better for me? Organic or paid SEO?

Organic SEO is the practice of ranking in Google's organic search rankings. This is done by writing good content, generating the right links, and having a great website. Paid search, also known as paid search or Google PPC, involves paying Google per click. You don't need great content or a great website (although that helps) - you just pay Google. Organic SEO takes time to develop, but in turn, the benefits will last. In contrast, PPC is instant, but its benefits disappear as soon as you stop paying. Paid and organic SEO both have their own advantages, which depends on your niche, resources, and business goals. One thing to keep in mind is that there is an added benefit to running both organic and paid search. Since they both target the same keywords and users, the data shared between the two channels equates to a better bottom line.

Will my organic SEO benefits last after we do not work together?

It might be the greatest benefit of SEO, more than any other advertising medium, is that it persists. This is in contrast to, for example, physical billboards or even PPC, where the benefits stop as soon as you stop paying. Here at TRAVLRD everything we design, develop, write or work for you is 100% yours. Beware of paid affiliate strategies. A "popular" strategy that some agencies choose to practice is buying links for their clients' websites. After all, it is very attractive! Buying links is a quick and effective way to get results. You don't have to worry about creating "link worthy" content, and buying links is actually cheaper than earning them organically. But there are two main problems: First, buying links for SEO is against Google's Terms of Services. Second, the links will disappear as soon as you stop paying for them. Here, we focus on building awareness and building lasting connections.

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