Fanni Karolyi

SEO Specialist

Hi there, I'm Fanni, SEO specialist here at TRAVLRD. You can reach out to me directly at [email protected].

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After finishing my MSC at corporate management faculty I've never thought that one day I'll be working as one. I went on a totally different path and became a yoga instructor.

I've always been the person who likes to be stable and harmonized. Before yoga I found this inner peace in music. I was playing the violin for around 10 years, starting from the age of 6. Though I was competing as a junior violinist, I always enjoyed playing it despite having to practice for hours each and every day.

This was my balancer at the time.

After trying myself out as a yoga teacher I found out a hard truth: if you have to do your hobby for a living, it won't be a hobby anymore. It will become your job which you must do regardless of your mood and basically anything.

This made a negative impact on my own yoga practicing. I had zero motivation and energy after the classes to practice myself and I started losing the joy of it.

Fortunately, I came out with a solution, which is teaching yoga - part-time! This way I'm not dependent on my income from the yoga teaching, and I have the energy at the end of the day to practice for myself and become a better yoga practitioner.

The other half of my time goes towards my SEO specialist work, which is a pretty interesting subject at the end. I love working with people that are happy after seeing the result that we can deliver with our SEO optimization services, and love having the freedom to work in a flexible schedule - remotely.

As far as my web development skills concern (because a good SEO consultant should know how to code) I'm continuously improving myself, and now I can claim that I know enough to be a decent SEO specialist here at TRAVLRD - or at any other company.

Since I love working with people I enjoy working here, where we have a great team chemistry, and customers, that are graceful for the quality work that we are providing.

Do you have an idea? Let’s talk about it.

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