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These days a simple template cannot give you serious advantages, but a special and unique website based on your sole needs can help you to reach even your greatest dreams.
This is what thrives us!

We create websites that best suits your company's image, in addition with thoughtful and modern looking elements that are just right on the spot.
Our main goal is that we build you a website that is perfectly serves your unique needs.
With some creative and cooperative thinking spiced with our technical skills and experience, the best solutions will be delivered to you in a way that helps you overmount your competitors.

unique web design

We'll create unique designs that suits best your business's image and goals. Our creative, modern and top-level solutions will help you to get the most out of your business.

responsive website

Every element of the website has a perfect look and feel on mobile, tablet, laptop and pc. This way we ensure the best possible user experience.

systematic stucture

Our main goal is to convert your website visitors to real customers. We optimize it's look and structure using our rock solid UX fundamentals with this very idea in mind.

lightning fast website

While building the website we constantly optimizing it's speed. Every ms counts when the user experience and the Google ranking is the stake.


What we offer

unique solutions

We do not use templates (eg. Wordpress) but making your website from scratch with our own hands.
This way we can create all that you can think of.

long-term cooperation

You may be in doubt what functionalities you'll need in the future. That is all right!
We will always help you in the future as well to help your business the best we can.

content management system

Having a blog or writing content regularly to your website helps to enlarge organic reach and also ensures that your visitors will always have a reason to get back to your site. With our CMS you will also be able to easily refresh your site.

cloud hosting

The finished sites are being hosted in our cloud servers, hence ensuring the lightning fast and reliable serving of your website from all parts of the Earth.

we got the sweaty part

Our customers don't have to worry about those complicated things, like purchasing a domain, hosting or the SSL certificate. Just relax and enjoy our fast and systematic workflow.

professional solutions

We are a dynamically improving team with years of experience in the fields web design and development. We will surely deliver the best solutions and the newest and best trends to you.

The TravLRD Team

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Tar Viktor

Sales Manager / Full-Stack Developer

Karolyi Mate

Frontend Developer / Web Designer

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